Hilarious Pranks Around the World :)

In honor of April Fool’s Day last Friday, here is a compilation of pranks…

#5: Light that underwear on fire

It’s 1956, and the Olympics are about to begin in Sydney, Australia. While the torch was getting close to the capital, the mayor and an excited audience waited for the runner. And there he came, running down the road accompanied by cheers! He arrived to the mayor and handed him the torch, and the mayor began his speech. Said mayor was quickly interrupted when authorities notified him that this wasn’t the real torch…indeed, this impostor torch was just a chair leg painted silver with a crown jewel: a can whose contents were underwear doused in kerosene. By that time, the torch deliverer was nowhere to be found. His identity is Barry Larkin, a clever student at the University of Sydney, and a crew of my-god-you-take-this-torch-thing-so-seriously friends had helped him pull off this feat.

#4: You just got rick-roll-ed

Do you like Mick Jagger? How about John Lennon? Bob Dylan? Paul McCartney? What if this team of four put out an album together? That’s what Rolling Stone editor Greil Marcus thought, in an effort to mock the overplayed theme of supertrends. So in 1969, the magazine put out the (fake) news, saying this band name was “Masked Marauders”…and people clamored for the record. So Marcus hired a band to play as the non-existent quartet, they signed with Warner Brothers, and the record hit sales of more than 100,000. People figured it out of course, but that’s one hell of a hoax!

#3: Ten ten ten ten ten…

Japanese game shows are notorious for their pranks. What you didn’t see here was that for every time they laughed, the offending contestant got whooped really hard. I guess the contestant who didn’t laugh ended up as the winner?

#2: Well, in some parts of the continent this is a real thing…but you just have to watch:

#1: Association of Swiss Mountain Cleaners

On April Fool’s day in 2009, the world learned that the Swiss Tourism Board had a sense of humor. Said board put out the following video in response to queries as to why their mountains looked so “clean”. The application to become a “Felsenputzer” (mountain cleaner) referred to in the video got applicants (30,000 at least!)…so much so that a Swiss cable car company crafted their own “mountain cleaning” class.



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