Sex! Do I have your attention now?

Well hey, curious reader! What led you here? Don’t worry, I’m not here to judge you.

I’ve picked up on the pattern that my posts about relationships/love have done well, and that anything that pokes the subject of sex has done reaaaaally well. You pervs. (Just kidding, sometimes you can’t get a straight face to come through written text.)

So what drives your questions? What do you want? What is mysterious to you about the difference between copulation and undescribable intimacy?

Spoiler alert: there isn’t a single person who has all the answers to whatever you seek when it comes to sex. And whatever answers people do have, sometimes it resonates differently with you because it may or may not apply to you, or your experience (or lack thereof, to be honest) might color your perspective.

Let’s talk sex. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s over-talked about, but the action of sex is misconstrued and often stigmatized. It’s potent. Popular culture reeks of consumer-centric portrayals of sex; people get jailed for harmful sexual behavior; sex fuels massive industries centered on pleasure and that sometimes unleashe scathing abuse on its victims. Yet sex belies human intricacies , lives are created from the union of an egg and a sperm, and the simultaneous vulnerability and empowerment that comes with shedding outer clothing can release individuals.

Sex is a powerful thing; how we use it matters. Let’s enter into a discussion about how it’s viewed today, what makes it complicated, and what resources we can tap into *wink wink* to further familiarize ourselves with this deeply reverent/irreverent topic. Um, also: don’t be so serious! We’re here to learn just as much as we’re here to be safe. A smattering of opinions will be received, but as long as you are respectful, I honor your contribution. There are 3 ways you can engage: you can e-mail me, send me a private fb message, or comment on my fb post that this will also be distributed through.

Power and responsibility go together, so let’s also talk expectations.

What you can expect from me:

  • honest dialogue (warning: I’m blunt if, in my opinion, I think the situation calls for it)
  • receiving your words under confidentiality if it’s in a private e-mail/message
  • safe space to hold your story regardless of whether I agree with your opinion.

What I expect from you:

  • check your tone if you find yourself angry or offended
  • refrain from name-calling
  • acknowledge my boundaries (I will share personal stories only if I feel secure in doing so and only if they are relevant).

Prayers and good vibes go with us, folks. Know that you are dearly loved, wherever you come from in this arena.

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