I want to be like Robert Downey Jr.

Why is reaching age 30 stereotyped as an anxious time? Maybe soon-to-be 30-somethings worry how their body will change. Or perhaps they pace back and forth about making enough money. Or whether they’ve reached their goals for turning 30 years old. Or how they’ll manage to pay their bills. Or maybe they’re frustrated with their life stage or relationship bla bla bla or career trajectory. Did I mention money?

Here’s a secret: I can’t wait to turn 30.

“Why?” you ask, oh doe-eyed reader?

  1. I will have maybe saved enough money to buy a candy bar for when I retire. Just 1.
  2. I will have attended the Hamilton musical.
  3. I will have continued to advocate for an immigration system that upholds a person’s character and social and economic contribution instead of focusing solely on a person’s legal status or criminal history.
  4. I will have laughed many times.
  5. My therapist will give me a certificate that says “Waciwi is a BAMF partially because she has done significant work on weathering visa transitions.” Mom, if you’re reading, I would love to see your reaction when you google “BAMF” haha
  6. I will have maybe grown out of potty humor and foul language. 
  7. I’ll have acquired professional skills that will further strengthen my grasp on ministry via relationship-building.
  8. Men whose prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed yet (hello, 25-year olds) will leave me alone.
  9. I will have networked within my field so that as Church we are collaborating in loving our collective neighbor. I incidentally hope my neighbor will be older than 25 years old.
  10. Since I won’t travel outside the country*, I’ll swing up to Alaska and drag one of my best friends with me.
  11. Thirty is an even number, and even numbers are cool.
  12. I said even numbers are cool.

Let’s face it- these days the 20s are wrought with transition, confusion, and lots of questions. I’m ready for a hypothetical plateau, and I’m definitely ready for more life stability. That means saving financially for the future, deepening relationships with those who matter to me, and embarking on new professional challenges. This study by MIT on later adulthood is interesting- they describe what can be mentally acquired as you enter your 30s.

And besides, by the time I’m 30, if I’m still here, it’ll only be 593 days until the first term ends for President Tantrum(p). More like President Fake-tan-trum(p). Way to follow the non-sequitur, team 🙂

* It’s kind of complicated to travel outside the U.S. depending on the visa you’re on. Currently, if I leave the U.S., in order to get back in, I need to return to my home country and apply for a visa to re-enter the U.S., which may or may not be granted.

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