E, F, and G are for “Elated, Failure & Grace”: Visa 2 arrived!

The visa is finally here! After I jump my car (dead battery since I parked it after my license expired), I’m going to drive to my attorney to say “Thank you” in person. The visa’s arrival means I get to start work, renew my license, and begin conversations about internship for deacon candidacy. A lot is ahead…right now I’m focusing on one thing at a time. This is window of what my life’s been like recently:

Wednesday afternoon, Nov 1: notification from attorney that visa got approved

Monday night, Nov 6: notification from attorney with new scanned visa document so I can take it to DMV

Tuesday 12pm: return home (took bus from appointment), lunch

1pm: called DMV and waited on hold to confirm what papers I needed to bring, gathered documents for license renewal, included a trip to nearby store to print off visa document, an ATM to get cash to pay renewal fee, and bought a banana so I could have exact change

2pm: public transportation to Denver DMV

3pm: told by kiosk and confirmed by person at desk that this particular DMV does not do license renewals…so the next closest place is in a suburb called Lakewood, about an hour away through public transit

*missing first train, scrambling to make it to bus connection*

4:10pm: arrive at DMV and staring blankly at the “upcoming numbers” screen as waited for number to be called

4:40pm (not bad for a DMV wait!): explain to person behind desk that Madagascar is in fact a real place and that we are well-known for our vanilla, lemurs, and diverse flora and fauna

*LOOMING: 7pm appointment and I still need to grab my car, then drive to my destination*

5:12pm: finished at DMV and devising faster transportation to church to recuperate my car. Bus would make me miss my 7pm appointment and I don’t have enough money in my debit account for ridesharing (took out cash for renewal fee). Called a taxi service, was on hold and then talked to a human, asked if they take cash, flustered when she said it would take 15 to 30 minutes for them to get to me. I wait outside and after I do the math, I discover I’d be paying $37 for a 13-mile trip. I opt out.

5:30pm: pulled out ridesharing app to see if drivers are close, grudgingly put in my credit card card (after multiple attempts of figuring out my old zip codes…), booked a ride, driver picked me up in less than 2 minutes

6:17pm: pulled into church parking lot where I parked my car. Wave goodbye to driver.

6:20pm: put key in ignition and beeping starts. Car won’t turn on.

6:23pm: get on to rideshare app again and pray the last driver wasn’t far

6:25pm: same driver responds, picks me up in less than 2 minutes, I explain what happened, we leave for my appointment

6:50 pm: arrive at damn appointment

I’m not a victim. But yesterday I didn’t do a good job planning, I cancelled meeting up with a friend, and as of today, I’ve slept at 3 different people’s places because it’s less lengthy to take the bus in the morning than late at night.  Right now, grace means taking a second to breathe before keeping on keeping on.



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